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Local History

South Norwood is referred to as "South London's best-kept secret" - a town in easy reach of Central London, with peaceful green spaces, lakes and tree lined streets. A suburban Surrey development on the edge of the London Borough of Croydon, around 9 miles south of central London, it is one of the greenest areas in London, with the south east border dominated by a 125 acre (0.51 km2) country park.

A further three parks sit within the boundaries of the town - South Norwood Recreation Ground, with 14 acres including a sports ground, football pitches, tennis court and a childrens' playground - Grangewood Park, just under 28 acres of woodland popular with dog walkers and South Norwood Lake which comprises 28 acres of woodland and sporting facilities which was created after the reservoir for the former Croydon Canal was closed. It is used by the Croydon Sailing Club and local anglers who fish for carp, bream and perch. This park's outer fields and areas are used by a local cricket and bowling club.

Next is Grangewood Park, an extensive woodland area situated on South Norwood Hill just off Ross Road and covers an area of 27 acres. This park also sports a bowling green along with many other facilities. There is also Brickworks Meadow which includes a small lake, a Buddleia valley, grassland and woodlands as well as a children's play area. The site used to be the old Woodside Brickworks and legend has it that the rubble from houses destroyed in World War Two was dumped here.

There are many schools in the area, two leisure centres, a sports arena and running track, which is also home to Croydon Harriers and Croydon Football Club.

South Norwood has a busy commuter train station called Norwood Junction where many residents travel to the financial and insurance districts in the City of London and to the West End. Fast trains to London Bridge usually take between 10-15 minutes. South Norwood also has many public houses, restaurants, cafes and coffee houses.

South Norwood incorporates two smaller areas called Woodside and Selhurst which are also SE25 postcodes. Selhurst also has its own train station which is not far from Selhurst Park and Crystal Palace Football Club and is adjacent to the Selhurst Depot.

For more information about South Norwood's parks and places please follow this link.

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